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How social is Social Media?

A popular charge levelled at Social Media users is that we spend too much time on Facebook and Twitter and not enough time engaging with the real world. Whilst before, the internet was primarily the sanctuary of socially-inept teenage boys … Continue reading

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This is what UNITY looks like…

Not very exciting is it. Last Friday, I had the pleasure of worshipping Jesus Christ side by side with people I would normally never meet with. The event was FUSE – an ecumenical night set up with the intention of … Continue reading

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Distracting beach babes…

This weekend, you may have noticed a spate of similar messages on your FB  sent by friends asking you to click an app called Distracting Beach Babes . As enticing as an anonymous buttock is, this app is a virus … Continue reading

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Irony is…


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Negativity and Facebook

Last week, I examined the issue of why politics makes us more social. Some of the responses in the comments section lead me to conclude that we – as social creatures – are more inclined to moan rather than to … Continue reading

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What happens when your boss thinks he’s Ricky Gervais?

What happens when your boss thinks he’s Ricky Gervais? Then that apparently makes me Karl Pilkington… SIGH.

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Why does politics make people more social?

Today I was wondering why is it that posts like these: Elicit more of a response than ones like this: But then I saw this: None of the popular statuses were questions, yet something prompted people to lift their heads … Continue reading

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