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Worshipping at the altar of iPulpit

I know that for many their love of Apple products can take almost Biblical proportions, but this is ridiculous… These nifty little podiums are made by the good people at Little Mountain productions who build lots of cool little stuff … Continue reading

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iPhone 4: A Warning From History

“I’m just going outside – I may be some time” Not the words of a Google Android-user searching for reception – these were the famous last words of Artic Explorer Lawrence Oates as he left his tent and walked into … Continue reading

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Irony is…

FailBlog FAIL!🙂 At 2AM GMT this morning, WordPress went down for nearly an hour sending the social media world into a bit of a frenzy. Unfortunately, most people were unable blog or tweet about the incident since they could not access their … Continue reading

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What happens when your boss thinks he’s Ricky Gervais?

What happens when your boss thinks he’s Ricky Gervais? Then that apparently makes me Karl Pilkington… SIGH.

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