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Rebecca Black’s Friday gets a Christian makeover

I don’t know about you but I love a good Christian parody. It serves to show that not all Christians are puritanical, sticks in the mud and – if done well – neatly touch on specific Christian cultural references without … Continue reading

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Unexpected lessons from #Likeminds 2010

As advertised on TV by @iboy: ——————————————————————————————————- On Wednesday 27th I decamped from the glamorous wilds of Croydon to attend the LikeMinds conference in Exeter. Over two days, I made connections and enjoyed morsels of wisdom from some of the … Continue reading

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A Divine Comedy? – My ‘REV’iew of BBC2’s latest religious sitcom…

Recently, I have been enthralled by the BBC2 show REV which chronicled the highs and lows of a CoE vicar  in an inner-city church. Being a huge fan of The Thick of It and its feature-length spinoff In The Loop, … Continue reading

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An iPhone 4 For J’Ro (Electric Pig Riddim)

The promise of an iPhone will make a man do some strange things. Last month, Electric Pig magazine held a competition in which all you had to do was tell them why you should get the iPhone. Unable to compete … Continue reading

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Aaron+Gould – A ‘model’ workplace?

A fortnight ago, I said some very nice things about Scott Gould. In truth, I meant none of them and it was mainly said through a mixture of fear and self-preservation. Now that I am back in London and have … Continue reading

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Ask not what the Internet can do for you…

Earlier this month, Mashable asked readers to come up with concise definitions for the term “Social Media”: I weighed in at No.1 with a remix of JFK’s famous challenge – which effortlessly embodied the hybridic/mash-up nature of New Media by … Continue reading

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iPhone 4: A Warning From History

“I’m just going outside – I may be some time” Not the words of a Google Android-user searching for reception – these were the famous last words of Artic Explorer Lawrence Oates as he left his tent and walked into … Continue reading

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