This is what UNITY looks like…

Representatives from NOOMA, ECU, CathSoc and SPEAK. (Big up MethANG who were too late for the photo)

Not very exciting is it.

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of worshipping Jesus Christ side by side with people I would normally never meet with.

The event was FUSE – an ecumenical night set up with the intention of bringing together all the Christian societies at the University of Exeter. Over the course of two hours, the presidents of NOOMA, CathSoc, MethANG, SPEAK and ECU set out their respective visions for the next academic year, affirmed the importance of proclaiming the gospel and collectively celebrated our unity in Jesus Christ.

It was fantastic and incredibly heartening to see Christians from all denominations, background, colours and creeds focusing on the only thing that matters – Jesus – and refusing to get bogged down in doctrinal sectarianism.

(Plus, it was a great opportunity fi bruck out In Christ Alone)


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5 Responses to This is what UNITY looks like…

  1. Great Post Jonny,

    Cant wait for the next one! Unity empowers us to tackle the challenges that face us and encourages us in the knowledge that we are not alone.


    • jonathanrose says:

      Neither can I!

      I’m sad that I won’t be in attendance but I look forward to hearing about progress through various channels.

      Thanks for coming and you NOOMA guys truly making the night 🙂

  2. Adrian says:

    So glad you guys are keeping on the tradition: unity is so so vital! And after all we met through it, hurrah! 😀

  3. wonderandawilddesire says:

    Yeah, I’m blogstalking. There hasn’t been an event like it since, really, which is sad. I might poke the Ecumenical Rep in MethAng (or for those who can’t read the hoodies Me-thong) to get something organised.

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