About Jonny Rose

I am a 25 year old Christian who is committed to the economic, social and spiritual well-being of Croydon and its inhabitants.

I have a great love for my local area (Purley, Croydon) and am increasingly interested in ways that social media can be used to foster, strengthen and empower my community.

‘Croydon Tech City’ is a vision of mine to position Croydon as ‘The Silicon Valley of South London’ and a credible player in the European start-up scene.

The Purley 2.0 Project is an endeavour of mine to increase the digital literacy and participation of people in my local community. The aim is to empower them, make their voices heard and to affect real change in the community.

Thanks to the MASSIVE #givejonnyroseajob campaign of early 2011, I now work in London as a ‘product evangelist’ for technology firm Idio.

Idio’s platform enables majors brands, agencies and publishers to understand the evolving social and behavioural contexts of every customer, and create a personalised experience across every digital channel.

I LOVE my job:

I worship at Grace Vineyard Church in Purley where I can be found merking on the bass and training the youth to bring me biscuits.

Please get in touch if you would like to contribute to the blog, Croydon Tech City, learn about Grace Vineyard Church or are interested in Idio’s intelligent content marketing solutions.

I can be contacted at jonnyrose1 [at] gmail [dot] com

10 Responses to About Jonny Rose

  1. Tom G says:

    Love the whiteboard pic, perhaps it should be a regular feature of your posts?

  2. wonderandawilddesire says:

    Aw, the Catholics aren’t all that bad! :p

  3. Yinka says:

    Says who that no one likes a voyeur?? U just never met one as good at it as I am 🙂

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  6. Hi Jonny
    I was at an FSB event last night and I met a friend of yours Abdul Malik who recommended that the two of us should meet for a chat over a coffee. I live in S Croydon and have attended a church in Collliers Wood, Oasis, for many years. As well as being a busy dad of 3 young boys I try to find time to run a Christian-focused Career Coaching service (www.want2geton.co.uk) – and Malik thought my vision might well interest you. It would be great to meet up if you’d care to drop me a line; 07503 177126 Cheers Charles

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