Distracting beach babes…

This weekend, you may have noticed a spate of similar messages on your FB  sent by friends asking you to click an app called Distracting Beach Babes .

As enticing as an anonymous buttock is, this app is a virus and will do horrible things to your computer.

Whilst I find the objectification of women abhorrent* and am increasingly perturbed at the prevalence of FB viruses, what I find most offensive about this situation is that they didn’t think to call me:

Just sayin’.

*WARNING: Hypocrite alert.


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5 Responses to Distracting beach babes…

  1. Simon Copp says:

    I want to be distracted by beach babes.

  2. Shay says:

    love the field babes pic, that’s hilarious!

  3. Beth says:

    One word: unhelpful.

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