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iPhone 4: A Warning From History

“I’m just going outside – I may be some time” Not the words of a Google Android-user searching for reception – these were the famous last words of Artic Explorer Lawrence Oates as he left his tent and walked into … Continue reading

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I Blog On A Sunday (FAO Guest Bloggers)

FAO GUEST BLOGGERS Inspired by the work of Johnny Laird, I Blog On A Sunday is  a space for guest bloggers to share their cognitive ejaculations about blogging, Sundays and/or Christianity. Holla at me here if you want to know … Continue reading

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#LikeMinds Helsinki Conversation (from the comfort of my bed)

As I write this, I am twelve hours away from anchoring the #LikeMinds Helsinki conversation from Blighty whilst Scott Gould et al. kick butt in the name of Social Media in Finland. This is a momentous occasion both for the … Continue reading

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Irony is…

FailBlog FAIL! 🙂 At 2AM GMT this morning, WordPress went down for nearly an hour sending the social media world into a bit of a frenzy. Unfortunately, most people were unable blog or tweet about the incident since they could not access … Continue reading

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Could A Christian win The Apprentice?

 Last Saturday, I went to a talk by a man wearing an ill-fitting Giogio t-shirt called Paul. Paul is a father, a husband and a Christian. Oh – and he also used to be the Managing Director of Barclays Bank … Continue reading

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Christianity 2.0 (A Homily on New Media)

The inspiration for this post came from a recent sermon from Avenue Community Church in Leicester entitled ‘Relationships in the New Media Age’. The sermon can be heard here. One thing I loved about the sermon is that it wasn’t … Continue reading

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