The Purley 2.0 Project

This is Purley. I live here.

Purley is an affluent suburb of Croydon which has a population of around 72,000 people. Of this population, only about 10 people use Twitter. That is an optimistic estimate – I’ve only actually touched base with four other people who live in CR8.

With the help of local friend, artist and collaborator @james_brooks, we are hoping to make Purley a more ‘social’ town by encouraging residents and business owners to use Twitter:

The intention of this is:

  • To enable local businesses to use social media to promote their brand
  • To encourage Purley residents to make connections with other like-minded people both locally and further afield
  • To provide a forum for entrepreneurs and Social Media enthusiasts to meet and collaborate
  • To promote the town of Purley
  • To create an online Purley community that will benefit the off-line Purley community

If this interests you or you have any advice on how we could make this happen, please get in contact with me at @98rosjon on Twitter, by e-mail at or leave a comment below.

Any help would be appreciated.

13 Responses to The Purley 2.0 Project

  1. jennyfarout says:

    Hello …. I’m thinking of doing the same for Caterham. I have another project I want to get off the ground too, but I would be interested in hooking up.
    I’ve found 3 people in the Caterham area on Twitter so far … this isn’t bad considering there is Old Coulsden in the way (the name gives a hint about the population lol)
    I’m on twitter as @jennyfarout. Come and say hi 🙂

    • jonathanrose says:

      Hey Jenny – I’ve send you a tweet. I’d very much appreciate meeting up with you sometime in the near future!

      Three people is more than enough people to get something started. Keep it up 🙂

  2. Hi Jonny,
    This project your are working on to bring the people of Purley together is a great thing for communities such as these. I saw the story in the Croydon Advertiser.
    There are many activities and small events that take place in small quiet areas such as Purley that sometimes people only hear about after the fact. It is goo that you have taken these steps. I wish you success with this.
    I like in Croydon, just down the road from Purley. For the last three year we have been working with some youth in Croydon teaching them FRESCOBOL ( A Brazilian beach racquetball sport) We play on Squash courts and in other sports halls. We would like to bring this activity to the people of Purley.
    If you want to know more you can find us on Facebook ( frescobol London) or Youtube. We are on twitter as well @frescobol4uk
    you can also email me at

    I hope we can help you with this project in Purley.

  3. Anaya says:

    I live in Purley !!! I use twitter and am addicted to all things techy, aswell as being a harassed mother and running my business. This is a great initiative for local businesses to network, please let me know how I can help.


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  6. Sandra says:

    I live in the middle, between south croydon and purley. I am keen to get invloved with the purley 2.0 project.

  7. Ann Holman says:

    Having seen this, its starting to confirm my recent thoughts that the social web is so much bigger and significant than social media. The potential of striving for utopia is making me feel humble.

  8. Gary Hawkins says:

    Not actually a Purlette myself but local enough to stick my nose in…
    Having met Jonny through various ventures including the much acclaimed #PurleyBreakfastClub and the more recent off-shoot #PurleyDinnerClub I have no doubt that Purley 2.0 is destined for big things :o)

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  11. Mark Dansie says:

    I live and work in Kenley CR8, I like the work being done to form a vibrant techcity in the Croydon area but haven’t been involved so far. One aspect of my work is to provide consultancy in Croydon which focuses on working with LBC to design in high performance and reliable ICT/ IP networks when expanding existing and new schools, if we can give the school kids great networks then this will not limit their learning and aspirations and will hopefully benefit them with their own startup, when they come of age.

    If I can help please let me know @markdansie @inflectiontech

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