Purley 2.0 Tweet-up – THANK YOU!

Thank you for making this happen:

@Oliverjlewis – Thank you for catching the vision and wanting to take it to the next level – can’t wait to rebrand the fine town of Croydon with you!

@Timothygodfrey – Thank you for taking the time from party politics to support the local community.

@Lordkenley – You are the stuff myths are made of and cheers for providing over three hours of constant scandal.

The Purley tweet-up crowd...

@Janetstollery – Thank you for appreciating the benefits of keeping it local and generally being a good sport. Looking forward to seeing you on TV tonight!

@Neilspellings – Thank you for your work with the Purley Business Association and for continually supporting Social Purley.

@Yourcroydon – Cheers JB for coming down from your ivory tower at Croydon Council to engage with the Purley community.

@yourcroydon explains his bowling technique...

@Foggathorpe – LOVED your emphasis on having no agenda other than wanting to socialise. A refreshing encounter.

@Markcooperxyz – What a man! Forward-thinking and invests a lot of time into our local community. An inspiration – ’nuff said.

@Joannacroydonad – Great meeting you in person. Looking forward to putting Purley on the map in the near future πŸ™‚

@Darenbbc – A great heart for social action and a do-er. It was a pleasure to have you come through.

@Davidthackray – The most interesting person I didn’t get to talk to. Everyone’s respectful awe told me all I need to know about you. Next time, my friend.

James keeps the ladies entertained...

@Jennyfarout – SO bubbly and cheerful. Love the fact you are excited about the next stage of your professional career and were really interesting to listen to.

@Ybsquare_wardi – BIG FAN.

@Ybsquare_randy – Was a BIG FAN until you laughed at my posing. At least when I take photos I don’t forget to take the lens cap off πŸ˜‰

@Localbuilderuk andΒ @Giraffebanners – You two were such a dynamic duo. I learnt a lot from you two about seizing the moment and taking chances.

@Wendyannager – LOADS OF FUN and really good at your job – already feel so motivated for the next tweet-up. Thanks for being so cool!

Wendy "Don't call me Ann" Ager with crazed fan.

@stephenhendry – I definitely appreciate you coming down, especially since you have SO

The name's Cooper, Mark Cooper.

much work to do. Looking forward to speaking very very soon…

@crispinheath – Coming all the way from Reigate, you really showed the ‘pull’ of social media. LOADS more we need to chat about in the future πŸ™‚

Fiona Rimmell Β – You make investing in local community a joy. Your vision for the Purley Festival and your DIY gigs are wonderful.

James Naylor – we are going to take Croydon by storm. Keep up the good work until then! πŸ™‚

BIG UP everyone else who was there but aren’t on Twitter. Hopefully, last night will have shown you its worth.

Thanks again to everyone for turning up. There were some notable absences but we’ll have to sort them out in time for our next tweet-up in March.

KEEP ON TWEETING EACH OTHER. Off-line and online, community thrives on regular interaction.

Peace y’all – Jonny and James x


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5 Responses to Purley 2.0 Tweet-up – THANK YOU!

  1. Well done Jonny & James,

    That was a really great evening. Can’t wait to expand this and for what is in stall next!

    Wendy Ager

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