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EVENT: #Croydon #TechCity – Thurs Nov 22nd 7.30pm at Matthews Yard

*Updated post* N.B.  Thurs November 22nd is a follow-up meeting from the first Croydon Tech City event held October 4th (see below to see what was discussed). On Thurs Nov 22nd: There will be a full presentation of the vision … Continue reading

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StartUp Weekend – Launch a start-up in 54hrs

As I continue to see how I can make Croydon ‘The Second Tech City’ – I have been REALLY inspired by the work of StartUp Weekend. StartUp Weekends are 54hr events where developers, designers, marketeers, product managers and startup enthusiasts … Continue reading

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What would Croydon look like as a start-up/ Tech City?

I have a very strong passion to see Croydon realise its potential as a hub for technical entrepreneurs, developers and venture capitalists – the Silicon Roundabout of South London, if you will. I’m aware that it might be hard to … Continue reading

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What do #Croydon’s councillors actually do for their communities?

N.B. This is not a politicised criticism of local parties or their respective councillors, this is more an exercise to learn more about councillors and their work in Croydon – with best intentions and no malice. SAFE. 🙂 ————————————————————————————– As … Continue reading

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I love #Croydon – Saif Bonar @bizzyrascal

I LOVE CROYDON is a guest series  for locals to submit videos and written posts talking about all (good) things related to Croydon and the surrounding areas. If you would like to contribute, holla at jonny_rose_23@hotmail.com or @98rosjon on Twitter. Today’s submission is from … Continue reading

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Guest post: Punish them, but give copycat rioters something to copy

Neil Ridulfa is a local Coulsdon lad who works in PR for the Museum of Brands. He loves singing and makes occasional media appearances in obscure publications and international radio shows that I’ve never heard of. This post was originally … Continue reading

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#purleydinnerclub vs #croydonriots – a tale of two #Croydon communities

I will remember August 8th for a very long time. Mainly for the riots that plagued the streets of London (and – even closer to home – central Croydon) but also because it was the night of the first #PurleyDinnerClub. #PurleyDinnerClub … Continue reading

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