Purley 2.0 – What can YOU do?

As I’ve continued to talk about to people in Purley and Croydon about Purley 2.0, one of the questions that continually arise is – thankfully –

How can I help?

Here’s how you can help the Purley 2.0 cause:

  • If you are not on Twitter, join Twitter. It’s simple and easy to do.

If you are already a Twitter user in Croydon, here are five ideas of how you can be using the #Purley hashtag to help others in Purley’s Twitter community:

  • If you have received good service from a store or business in #Purley – tweet about it!
  • If you discover something of value in #Purley (e.g. a sale, accidents, roadworks, special events…etc)
  • Pictures always add value. If you can take a photo/Tweetpic of something of interest in #Purley to add to your tweet, please do.
  • Also add the hastag > #croydon  < to any #purley tweets since it gets automatically re-tweeted to other Croydoners on the #Croydon twitterfeed
  • And finally…TALK TO ONE ANOTHER. BE SOCIABLE. Thank people if they share something useful or interesting – engage! Not just with people in Purley, but in other areas of Croydon  – we want to bring them in to our town too 🙂

Come to our events – throughout 2011, Social Purley will be having tweet-ups, social media workshops and community charity events. All of which are to enable locals to meet one another, learn new skills and tangibly impact the local community for the better.


Small steps…These are all low-commitment ways to help the cause and generate conversation around Purley and I’m sure that you, the reader, can do at least one of these things. Thank you 🙂


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