#140exegesis – Answer 5

#140exegesis is a little game that I started to help me crowd-source answers to difficult parts of the Bible.

The way it works is that I tweet out a Biblical question and everyone else has to answer it in 140 characters with no reference to books or material outside of The Bible. It’s mad cool fun*. Seriously.

Here was my fifth question:

Here are a selection of the answers submitted:

My own  view was that Jesus is somewhat sarcastically alluding to the Pharisees and their completely unmerited sense of self-righteousness. This is the same as those of us – myself included, and most likely you reading this – who, when asked if we think we’re good people, instinctively say that that we are (usually with some sort of reason along the lines of “because we haven’t murdered anyone”) when actually we are nowhere near as good/righteous as we should be and will eventually have to pay the price for it. That’s the BAD NEWS.

Enter Jesus:

Top Banana.


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