#LikeMinds Helsinki Conversation (from the comfort of my bed)

Courtesy of @KrisColvin and the team at FreshID

As I write this, I am twelve hours away from anchoring the #LikeMinds Helsinki conversation from Blighty whilst Scott Gould et al. kick butt in the name of Social Media in Finland.

This is a momentous occasion both for the #LikeMinds team and myself. Although I have only recently just become a part of the #LikeMinds experience – and it really is an experience – I have caught the vision and wish every success for this endeavour. Here endeth the gushing.

As Scott’s self-proclaimed “most valuable asset”* and “the wind beneath his wings”*, he thought it best if he didn’t risk losing me in the baggage-area of Gatwick Airport so instead I will be monitoring events via a brilliant live-stream site created by the good people at FreshID.com from the comfort of my bedroom.

Answering e-mails in the office...

In preparation for this marathon bout, I have prepped my room with all the vital things that I will need. My bedroom will be – for the purposes of tomorrow – both a kitchen and (apologies in advance)…a toilet.

I cannot wait, although it is quite worrying that an entire industry could be undermined if I have to go and answer the doorbell! 😛

*N.B.: Might not actually have been said

The C-Suite in-house kitchen

Four new toilet installations next to my office...


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