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Ask not what the Internet can do for you…

Earlier this month, Mashable asked readers to come up with concise definitions for the term “Social Media”: I weighed in at No.1 with a remix of JFK’s famous challenge – which effortlessly embodied the hybridic/mash-up nature of New Media by … Continue reading

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iPhone 4: A Warning From History

“I’m just going outside – I may be some time” Not the words of a Google Android-user searching for reception – these were the famous last words of Artic Explorer Lawrence Oates as he left his tent and walked into … Continue reading

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Irony is…

FailBlog FAIL! 🙂 At 2AM GMT this morning, WordPress went down for nearly an hour sending the social media world into a bit of a frenzy. Unfortunately, most people were unable blog or tweet about the incident since they could not access … Continue reading

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