The #PurleyBreakfastClub – Cafe Blue, Purley 9.30-11.30AM Last Saturday of the month

Love food?

Like meeting new people?

Want to get to know other locals in Purley and Croydon?


‘The Purley Breakfast Club’ comprises of a group of Purley and Croydon locals who meet together monthly on the last Saturday of each month at Cafe Blue, Purley anytime between 9.30-11.30AM.

Anyone can come along and there is no agenda at all. If you want a relaxed space to make new friends and contacts then look no further than this informal gathering!

Most people who attend The Purley Breakfast Club are on Twitter. They include:

Neil Ridulfa (@hangingpuppet), Ade Oduyemi (@inheritance_Ade), Fiona Stewart (@stewart_fi), Andrew Chatterton (@chatters79), Becky (@s0nerdy), Lorna Wall (@Lorna_wall), Steven Wall (@stevenwall), Tim Welbourn (@foggathorpe), Charlotte Harvey (@carlotarosa1) Gary Hawkins (@thegaryhawkins),  Tara Green (@parentinggeek), Lord Kenley (@LordKenley), Mark Cooper (@markcooperxyz), Wendy Ager (@getbettercoaching), Sandra Nambasa (@snambasa) Susie White (@susie_white2001), Mark Russell (@imwines), Ian Harris (@jollyfarmerpub), Joanna Till (@joannacroydonad), Andi Taylor (@Anditails), Neil Spellings (@neilspellings), Jan Bilton (@janbilton), Mike Lok (@mikelok) and Jonny Rose (@98rosjon)…

Give them a tweet and ask them for info about #purleybreakfastclub – they’re all friendly and approachable and would love to tell you more 🙂

PS We’ve also been in the local paper! 🙂

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5 Responses to The #PurleyBreakfastClub – Cafe Blue, Purley 9.30-11.30AM Last Saturday of the month

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  3. I’m @WendyAnnAger on Twitter!


  4. roxy641 says:

    Enjoyed attending my very first #Purleybreakfastclub see you next month. I’m @roxy641 on twitter.

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