The #getkevarestaurant Campaign

My friend Kevin Boyle has a big vision about what he can bring to Purley…:)

Having been trained for several years by culinary wide-boy Jamie Oliver, Kev’s cooking skills are a cut above the battered cod and chips you get at the Foxley Hatch. Now he wants to bring his delicious talents to the alimentary canals of Croydon’s finest.

Kevin feels it is the right time for Purley to get a quality European food restaurant that can be a community hub which provides both employment and affordable, quality food for locals.

The problem is like all good start-ups, Kev needs an initial cash injection to get things rolling. Currently, he is looking for sponsors and investors to support his vision.

Using social media, he is hoping to attract investors to his plight through his Twitter campaign hashtag #getkevarestaurant

Listen here for more on what he is hoping to do for the Purley community:

For more information, go to the official GET KEV A RESTAURANT website.


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3 Responses to The #getkevarestaurant Campaign

  1. Wendy Ager says:

    Great idea, love it!

    Will email some ideas I have to get this started to you.


  2. James Brooks says:

    YES! This is great!

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