Social Purley meets… @Tacolisa

With the Purley 2.0 Project, I’m trying to do everything I can to build a robust and sociable Twitter community in Purley and Croydon.

One way to improve my efforts I’m thinking is to go out and start interviewing Croydon’s Twitter community. Getting to know who they are and why they are using Twitter. Hopefully this will serve as an opportunity for you to see the people behind the avatar and get inspired to engage on Twitter with more locals.

My first interview is with Amir, co-owner and founder of Tacolisa in central Croydon:

To reiterate some important points from Tacolisa’s Twitter experiences so far:

  • RTs make messages  spread “like wildfire”
  • Only a few of their customers use Twitter but it’s better to reach those “few” than not at all
  • Having Twitter is important if you want to be a “modern brand”
  • Social Media (esp. Twitter) are a modern phenomenon and it’s important to use them to stay current

You might also want to check this post I did on Tacolisa’s excellent use of Twitter, which should serve as a template to other small businesses.

If you haven’t done already – please say hi to the Tacolisa guys on twitter. It’ll serve to encourage them and I’m sure there’s a taco in it for you too! 🙂


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