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How to generate leads with Twitter Advanced search

The great thing about social media is that you can know what people are saying about you and your product at any given time. Scott Gould describes it as “trackable Word of Mouth”. This is useful for businesses and marketers … Continue reading

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Your most compelling content is your testimony

Last week, during the Social Media for Social Change conference held at All Souls Langham Place one comment in particular stuck with me: Churches need to create quality content To which which my exact immediate thoughts were: Which seems harsh, but I think … Continue reading

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The Natwivity – A novel reinvention of The Christmas Story

The Natwivity is Twitter-based endeavour masterminded by the lovely people at Share Creative in which they will be retelling the Nativity story with a daily tweet throughout December. The Nativity is a well-known story that is celebrated in churches up … Continue reading

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Worshipping at the altar of iPulpit

I know that for many their love of Apple products can take almost Biblical proportions, but this is ridiculous… These nifty little podiums are made by the good people at Little Mountain productions who build lots of cool little stuff … Continue reading

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#Likeminds 2010 – An overview

WE CAME. WE SAW. WE CURATED*. Last week, I attended my first #Likeminds conference. Having written extensively for LikeMinds, it really was time to sample the goods! The strength of a LikeMinds conference can be summed up by this picture: … Continue reading

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Unexpected lessons from #Likeminds 2010

As advertised on TV by @iboy: ——————————————————————————————————- On Wednesday 27th I decamped from the glamorous wilds of Croydon to attend the LikeMinds conference in Exeter. Over two days, I made connections and enjoyed morsels of wisdom from some of the … Continue reading

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#140exegesis – Answers 2

Last month, I started a fun* little game to help me understand difficult parts of the Bible called #140exegesis. Here was my second question: Here are a selection of replies: This round was definitely more helpful than the last one … Continue reading

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