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#CNMAC11 Official unofficial video

This is probably the greatest Christian film since the Bourne Again Identity… Hopefully, this is will inspire others to come next year  Advertisements

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Want to be happy? Get involved in your local community

Wendy Ann Ager is a business coach who lives in Coulsdon, Surrey. As well as coaching first-time start-up owners, she also provides services for people returning to work or just needing to improve their outlook and productivity.  Outside of working … Continue reading

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The #givejonnyroseajob Campaign Song (Thank you Riddim)

So as you may know by now, the #givejonnyroseajob campaign has been successful and after four weeks of rinsing the hashtag I am now gainfully employed* 🙂 Although I could have thanked everyone individually, what better way to show my … Continue reading

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Why you should vote NO to AC (Grayling) #notoAC

Today marks one of the most important democratic decisions the British public has been asked to make in recent history. The actions of millions at the ballot will determine whether British society holds onto the First Past the Post (FPTP) … Continue reading

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I Blog On A Sunday:David Wynd a.k.a Phoce

I Blog On A Sunday is a space for guest-posters to muse about blogging, Sundays or Christianity. If you would like to contribute, holla at jonny_rose_23@hotmail.com or @98rosjon on Twitter. Phoce (known to him Mum as David Wynd) is a Methodist … Continue reading

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Purley 2.0 – The #purley hashtag is like a noticeboard

Think of the sort of information people put on a noticeboard: * Requests e.g. “Can anyone lend me a cable?” * Questions e.g. “Does anyone know a good local plumber?” * Jobs e.g. “Vacancy at our shop, £8ph – needed … Continue reading

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Community Participation – Where do you fall?

Jakob Nielsen’s study in 2006 showed that in any online community: 90% of users are lurkers who never contribute, 9% of users contribute a little, and 1% of users account for almost all the action. This has subsequently known as … Continue reading

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