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#Likeminds 2010 – An overview

WE CAME. WE SAW. WE CURATED*. Last week, I attended my first #Likeminds conference. Having written extensively for LikeMinds, it really was time to sample the goods! The strength of a LikeMinds conference can be summed up by this picture: … Continue reading

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Unexpected lessons from #Likeminds 2010

As advertised on TV by @iboy: ——————————————————————————————————- On Wednesday 27th I decamped from the glamorous wilds of Croydon to attend the LikeMinds conference in Exeter. Over two days, I made connections and enjoyed morsels of wisdom from some of the … Continue reading

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Aaron+Gould – A ‘model’ workplace?

A fortnight ago, I said some very nice things about Scott Gould. In truth, I meant none of them and it was mainly said through a mixture of fear and self-preservation. Now that I am back in London and have … Continue reading

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“Flirt to convert” – An evening of Christ, change and courtship with Old Man Ray…

Ray Woodland found Jesus Christ at a Billy Graham evangelistic in 1956. As Ray described it: It was then that I threw off the shackles of religion and learnt what it really meant to have a relationship with my Saviour … Continue reading

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A farewell to the Exeter Church scene…

I arrived in Exeter as a fresh-faced young man with impressive A-Levels in Sept 2005. Although I knew little about the university I was about to commit the next five years to, I had heard great things about the local … Continue reading

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As good as Gould (a.k.a WHY I LOVE SCOTT GOULD)

Scott Gould describes himself as: …A husband, pastor, speaker, thinker and do-er, and most important of all, passionate Christian. My expertise lies in Social Media and Experience Planning. He is the founder of Exeter’s top social media consultancy Aaron+Gould, co-founder … Continue reading

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