Video: What I do at @idioplatform

Ever since the #givejonnyroseajob campaign ended with me getting a marketing role at idio, quite a few people have been asking how I have been getting on there and what I actually do.

By means of an answer, below is a video of my working day which I created for John Walkers’ #walkerstudioschallenge – an attempt to show businesses the power of video for marketing purposes:

Who said work couldn’t be fun, hey? 😉

N.B. Any similarities to BBC’s hit series The Office are purely coincidental. That’s what my lawyers have told me to say, and I’m sticking to it.

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Raconteur. Intellectual. Showerman.
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4 Responses to Video: What I do at @idioplatform

    • jonathanrose says:

      I was nervous because the directors had promised me an on-screen kiss with Kate Winslet in the next scene.

      It never materialised. She walked off set due to “contractual disagreements” 😦

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