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I Blog On A Sunday is a space for guest-posters to muse about blogging, Sundays or Christianity. If you would like to contribute, holla at jonny_rose_23@hotmail.com or@98rosjon on Twitter.

Today’s submission is from Yinka K – a great pal whom I first met at the Christian New Media Conference in 2010. Back then, he was a humble man but having starred in Dave Roberts’ Glimpses he is now Deptford’s most famous celebrity IT support worker and can be found often signing autographs in Nandos.

A Great Track Record

I was in shower singing to myself (as I do), when something struck me. Well it didn’t strike me so much as seep into my eyes… soap. On this occasion I was singing to my God, and had been praising Him for who He is, what He’s done, and what He’s going to do. My pastor had recently taught us the benefits of praising God with a sincere heart. So imagine my slight annoyance at the stinging eye (and probably soon to become ‘eyes’) that was putting me in discomfort and trying to ruin my cleansing experience.

I didn’t panic however for a simple logical fact (based on my beliefs). This wasn’t the first time that I’d gotten soap in my eyes. And even though every time the image flashed across my mind of me being clinically blinded by this encounter, I somehow turned out alright at the end, with the help of a lot of water. Now I believe that my God had no small hand in this. And so when it happened again today, I continued calmly trying to douse the eye with water, whilst singing simultaneously. The operation was successful, otherwise this post would have taken a different turn(!) :-p.

You see, that occurrence taught me once again what a valuable thing experience is. And how essential it is to belief in the Christian God.

Christians believe some outrageous things – that their God once parted a sea in half, and held the waves there long enough for thousands, maybe millions of people to walk across the dry land at the bottom of it. They believe that one of His prophets once spent three days inside a whale (as a sort of punishment), and when he had seen the error of his ways, he was let out again, alive. We believe, that God sent His Son Jesus Christ to earth, so as to be able to give all of mankind a clearer understanding of who He (God) is, and so that we can have a friendship with Him forever.

Now thankfully I’ve got a few friends, and I often observe my interactions with them. Having made a few mistakes in past (and current) friendships, I have learnt that the greatest favour I can do them and myself, is to regard them as one whole being with whom I’ve had several experiences; rather than to judge them based on individual experiences. So when one of my friends makes me feel special, I am happy, and feel truly grateful to have them in my life. And when they upset me with something they say or do, I try to remember that like me, they are also an imperfect being with faults, and that given the whole picture, they would probably have chosen not to hurt me. With time, I no longer have to ‘try’ to remember that my friends love and care for me – I just know it, and so forgiving becomes even easier. And I know that they do the same for me, because I often know when I’ve hurt them, and yet they continue to reply my texts and tweets without so much as a -__-.

I think it’s a similar thing with Christians in a relationship with their God. Apart from God having faults, because we of course believe that He is a perfect being, all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving. When we begin a relationship with Him, we are (hopefully) informed of Jesus’ words that life isn’t going to be a walk in a well-tended garden – it isn’t for anybody. However He assures us that with Him, we have the best chance of having a great life, and making the most of it. And we often hold Him to His word throughout our friendship with Him. And in my experience, He’s never once failed me.

You see it’s a tricky thing, understanding the relationship between a perfect God and an imperfect man, but like all other relationships, respect, love, trust, and understanding are important for it to work. And because of my understanding of God from what the Bible says, I respect His being, I trust His decisions and actions, and I choose to love Him as best as I can every day I spend with Him. Which looks like forever apparently.


To find out more about Yinkster, you can read all about him and his Apple-hating ways at Yinkster’s World. He is also a proof-reader and contributor at A Day In God’s Will


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