#Purley Festival 2011 – A community triumph for #Croydon!

In the last week of June, Purley was host to over thirty events as local residents and business-owners came together to put on a “mini-Edinburgh Festival”.

The entire festival was the brainchild of local party-planner Fiona Lipscombe, who also runs the monthly Dale Road Music Cluband she was ably assisted by Ian Harris of the Jolly Farmers Pub, Purley.

Over a period of four months, Ian and Fiona steered the committee through council red-tape, local apathy and funding issues to deliver an absolutely amazing community experience. I was especially proud to see what Purley could do as a town in light of the cultural cuts made by Croydon council earlier this year.

Purley Baptist lead the opening service (photo: Randall Murrow)

Art Exhibition in Purley (photo: Randall Murrow)

Fiona being interview (photo: Randy Murrow)

On the last day there were over a thousand attendees on Rotary Field, and the entire festival was favourably covered by local newspapers and radio.

The event was a great success and I hope this has spurred everyone on to get involved again next year!

Crowds enjoy the bandstand on Finale Day (photo: Randy Murrow)

Purley Breakfast Club kicks off the Purley Festival in style! 🙂

Purley's Got Talent at Jolly Farmer Pub (photo: Randy Murrow)

Wendy Ann Ager ran a social media workshop (photo: Randall Murrow)

Jazz night at The Rectory Bar, Purley (photo: Randall Murrow)


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3 Responses to #Purley Festival 2011 – A community triumph for #Croydon!

  1. Wendy Ager says:

    Great video capturing the feel of the whole week and finale day. Can’t wait to get organising for next year Jonny.


  2. What a great video. I was on holiday during the festival. I really hope to make next year.

  3. Great videos Jonny, I enjoyed the festival as well.

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