#Owling: why working with #TeamIdio is such a hoot!

COMPETITION:  If you work at an agency, why not get involved in #interagencyowlingcomp and tweet your office’s best owling photos! Even if you’re not too into this – get an office intern to do it for your amusement.

In case you don’t know already, ‘owling’ is the new hit craze where people perch (like an owl) in increasingly creative (read: dangerous) places.

Inspired by an article in this morning’s The Daily Mail, the girls at reception initiated an inter-office owling competition with each office submitting their best attempt.

Cue much hilarity from the guys at idio (a.k.a the best content marketing company in the world):

Owling on a reverse-planking - unchartered territory...

Look at the steely-eyed determination on Vic's face!

Exeter team get involved too 🙂

A team effort as Griff tries to 'owl' on 5 cups...

Our first - and arguably best - attempt

Connie goes for an opportunistic owl on Charles' vacant desk...

Dave Laker finds his inner owl amongst Exeter's natural flora

All in a day’s work! 😉


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4 Responses to #Owling: why working with #TeamIdio is such a hoot!

  1. yourdadplanksyou says:

    you’re all retarded

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