Press Release: The Facebook Appeal – 16th August 2011

Some of you may have been aware of The Facebook Appeal which happened on February 16th 2011, where – based on the vision of one Andrew Thomas – several hundred Christians were inspired to make Facebook videos testifying to the Lord’s goodness and imploring friends to come and follow Jesus.

The first appeal was a massive success and now Andrew has been inspired to do it again this August 16th 2011. 

Below is a press release he sent to me in advance of the event:


In Acts 17:16-34 the Apostle Paul, whilst walking through Athens is grieved by the state of the nation.

The Athenians had erected an altar to “the unknown god” in efforts to appease those they may have failed to acknowledge or whom’s nature had not been revealed unto them.

Amongst a wealth of idols, false gods and superstition it is clear that there was a desire in the Athenians to make a connection with that which was greater than themselves through their polytheistic belief.

An allegory still seen in present society, evidenced in the bi-polar attitude of our world at large, many are seen to profess a religious conviction, yet manifest a contradictory lifestyle or prioritise contemporary idols in the place rightly deserving to God.

Paul’s words in Acts 17, present truths both subtle and prominent. In correcting those who attempted to acknowledge the “unknown god” without coming into relationship with him, and simultaneously presented God for who he truly is, that his glory may be revealed unto them.

The relevance and importance of Paul’s actions if anything, increase in a world where many whom acknowledge the existence of God have still not begun to comprehend his personage or his nature.

The FB appeal endeavours to emulate that which Paul demonstrates in Acts 17. By making use of present and available mediums to contextualise the gospel, relevantly and personally. In faith that public acknowledgement and glorification of the one true God would be met with inquisition, curiosity, ridicule and response “so that they would search for God and perhaps grope around  for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us.” (Acts 17:27).

On the 16th of August 2011 we will be encouraging  Christians to upload short videos and songs recorded by themselves, to write articles, notes and blog posts and change profile pictures on their facebooks in an attempt to appeal to those on their friends lists to come to Christ.

We will be encouraging Christians to make use of their twitter accounts to evangelise to their followers, post links, change avatars and retweet the Gospel in an aim to encourage those within our reach toward the open arms of the living God. after a successful first wave of ministry and a real unity of purpose on the 16th February it is with great anticipation that we look forward to the 16th August.

The intention is not to be abrasive, but it is to be unashamed,  search “The FB Appeal” on facebook   and follow @fbappeal on twitter


Here’s a great video about it all to inspire you:

I am ridiculously pumped about this and am looking forward to seeing the fruit of it all. Get excited people 🙂

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