Want to be happy? Get involved in your local community

Wendy Ann Ager is a business coach who lives in Coulsdon, Surrey. As well as coaching first-time start-up owners, she also provides services for people returning to work or just needing to improve their outlook and productivity.  Outside of working hours, Wendy is a passionate local community activist and supports as many initiatives as possible…

Brian Tracy, the Canadian-born guru who helps people achieve their goals, suggests happiness will come from involvement in social and community affairs.  He says this results from our desire to have happy interactions with others and to make a contribution to the society we live in.

It was when I read this in Brian’s ‘Four Essential to Happiness’, that I realised my dream to become a volunteer should be something I was working on now, not later in life as I had imagined.

I have coaching to keep me motivated and moving forward with my ambitions and goals and it wasn’t long before I’d found something that suited me that I could do now to contribute to my local community.

Wendy volunteers at her local play group...

Four of us mums had training, read policies and had meetings with the Centre Manager in order to get it off the ground.  The the parent-run Chipstead Valley Chipmunks play sessions have now been running with great success for 8 months now. It’s a free session for parents and carers with children under 5 years old at our Surestart Children’s Centre in Coulsdon, Surrey.

It has certainly made me happy to have realised my dream to be a volunteer, and make others happy at the same time.  The parents are very grateful for this extra play session and for the time and effort we put into running it.  The many little happy faces make it all worthwhile.

I continue to get involved with sharing, connecting and supporting the local community in many other ways. Through my business Get Better Coaching I provide small business and start-up mentoring and workshops, on Twitter I share events and information and locally by word of mouth.  I’m supporting our local community event, Purley Festival and sponsoring a Small Business Fair at The Arc, community project in Caterham in October too.

If you have dreams, there’s no benefit in leaving them. We all know time flies. There’s always excuses to put things off, but the more you get out there and do and get involved, the more it brings you in return.

To connect with Wendy visit http://www.getbettercoaching.co.uk/Contact.html

Purley Festival www.purleyfestival.com or www.facebook.com/PurleyFestival

The Arc, Community Project www.the-arc-caterham.co.uk


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  1. Both links to Brians site, and the Children’s centre are broken.

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