@idioplatform FC sign up-and-coming new digital marketing talent…@98rosjon!

The news all/none of you have been waiting for…

I'm IDIO 'til I dieeeeee!! I'm IDIO 'til dieeeeeee!!

Thanks to the #givejonnyroseajob campaign I officially signed to Idio FC at the end of last week and will be playing in the upfront position of Marketing Executive.

I was first talent-scouted for the position by Andrew “The Guv’nor” Davies (Manager of

Signing the contract with The Guv'nor (@andjdavies)

Idio FC) in early May. The process was gruelling but after two interviews (and a prolonged battle between our lawyers and agents), I will be in the ‘starting eleven’ as of Thurs May 26th 2011.

Idio FC are a content marketing company based in Exeter that was founded in 2006. Following the acquisition of the London-based youth team Thrudigital FC in 2010, Idio set up a second training ground in Euston (where I’ll be targeting [marketing] goals whilst on the pitch*).

Idio have developed a versatile semantic software platform that “connects and structures content and customer data in real-time to enable trusted & measurable customer relationships”. (It’s much much much more interesting than it sounds – trust me! 😉

As a result of their increasingly adopted platform, Idio get to work with some very exciting brands as well as publishers across the world, and are entrusting me to boost their marketing efforts in the coming year.

I absolutely cannot wait and I hope the readers of this blog will help me to help the company become even better at what it does 🙂

*Okay, I’m going to stop using the tenuous football analogies now.


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6 Responses to @idioplatform FC sign up-and-coming new digital marketing talent…@98rosjon!

  1. Wow, simply awesome! Back of the net! (to keep it going some more) Well done buddy. Totally deserved. You must be stoked?

    • jonathanrose says:

      More than you could know!

      Great thing is I get to scratch my social media itch whilst also learning and developing other digital marketing practices. I’m gonna be like the Mark Zuckerberg of marketing after all this.

      (If my head doesn’t explode from all the industry reading first! ha ha)

  2. Well done! Idio sounds like a great fit for your unique brand of raw enthusiasm. Enjoy.

  3. Brilliant blog bro and great to have you on the team! 🙂

  4. Rob Sharp says:

    Oh jon you make me laugh!!!

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