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Daddy Cool has the dubious honour of being recognised ‘Surrey’s Most Elusive Blogger’ (source unverified) and has also been twice voted FHM’s (Father Hood Monthly) ‘Rear of the Year’. His blog Life As A Stay At Home Father chronicles the ups and downs of being a ruthlessly emasculated, ‘kept husband’ during first-time fatherhood. The Times Literary review has described the blog as “harrowing” and Ann Widdecombe has called on several occasions for Parliament to ban it. Daddy Cool is wanted in seven counties for illegal lambing practices.

Daddy Cool has a worldwide fanbase...

Infant baptism – does it have to be controversial? 

I can think of many convincing reasons why parents might not get their children baptised. For those with faith, I see no barrier to taking this step, even if some consider it controversial.

So what is baptism? Different denominations have different approaches but the Anglican baptismal service can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/6zghk2j

In typical Anglican fashion, some of the language is open to interpretation. Essentially, however, the parents and Godparents make a public commitment to educate the child about Christianity. They promise to pray for the child and (strong words these…) renounce evil as they are meant to demonstrate Christian ethics and behaviour.

To me, this baptismal service places no obligation on the child. The obligation is on the parents and Godparents to educate the infant about the faith and they should hope and pray the child grows up to accept Jesus’ message. The child cannot be compelled to accept Christianity once they become independent.

Some argue it’s a question of consent and that an infant cannot agree to baptism. True, but do children agree to childhood vaccinations?

So is baptism necessary? If John baptised with water and Jesus the Holy Spirit, the logical conclusion to make is no, baptism is not essential. Christian actions, after all, speak louder than words and ceremonies.

Is baptism important? As a parent and Godparent, I have made the promises outlined above. Knowing I’ve made them serves as a constant reminder and makes me reflect on my actions and think about where I am falling short.

In conclusion, I would say infant baptism is not essential but I wish more parents would think about the spiritual education of their children. If parents feel this should include baptism of an infant and they can adhere to the promises made during the ceremony then I don’t consider it at all controversial.

One final note. It is Holy Week and I couldn’t finish without wishing peace to all readers of this blog, whether of faith or none (and regardless of whether they agree with me! ).

Final final thought: http://tinyurl.com/5w979aa


If you would like to contact Daddy Cool, please clear it with his lawyer first.

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