I Blog On A Sunday: Jon Swanson

I Blog On A Sunday is a space for guest-posters to muse about blogging, Sundays or Christianity. If you would like to contribute, holla at jonny_rose_23@hotmail.com or @98rosjon on Twitter.

Today’s submission is from Social Media Chaplain, Jon Swanson. Jon’s kind of a big deal in the US; he rubs shoulders with all the social media A-listers, features on a swathe of notable business blogs and yet he remains an admirably down-to-earth and incredibly warm-hearted man. His daily meditations at 300 words a day are amongst the best stuff I’ve read on the web about Jesus and I encourage you stop by there whatever your faith position. I promise you’ll be fed.


Social Media Chaplain Jon Swanson is up, close and persona-ble

Do you blog on a Sunday?

I do, sometimes, blog on a Sunday. I sit in a dim office, looking at the hallway of our church and write 300 words about following Jesus. I am on guard duty. I am watching the hallway for kids in the building but not connected to the people in the building.

We have wonderful activity on these Sunday nights. Kids in high school come and play and sing and talk about God. They gather in the basement. And sometimes, in the hallway on the main level, other kids wander through. They are curious about the large building. They know, some of them, that we have a great unguarded space, with lots of intriguing equipment.

And so I sit, watching the hallway, writing my five-day-a-week-quota of words about following Jesus.

I know, of course, that if I were really good, I would sit in the hallway, chatting with these kids wandering through. I would ask what they are curious about. I would find out if there is something sacred in this place that intrigues them. I would talk with them.

But I am not a kid-talker. I am an old guy. And so I sit and blog on a Sunday. And wish it were as easy to talk to 16 year olds as it is to talk to you.


Jon writes 300 words a day about Jesus HERE. I encourage you to read it.

Hit him up on Twitter at @jnswanson – he’s a delight to engage with 🙂


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2 Responses to I Blog On A Sunday: Jon Swanson

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  2. Mike Ratliff says:

    You might be surprised at how open to conversation one of those 16 year olds might be…and how much it might mean for an “old guy” to take an interest in them. You see, they probably have two parents who are working most of the time, they have teachers who are just trying to get through the day, they may have a boss who just has no time for them except when they mess up – as a matter of fact, that is usually when they have interaction with adults…when they’re in trouble, at home, school, work, in the community. Next time you’re in the hall (and just your presence is incredibly important!), try saying “hi.” You might be surprised at how important a willing “old guy” might be (and become) to a 16 year old. #dmingml

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