A great customer experience from Sandy Nightingale

I regularly receive products I’ve bought online in the post but today, I had a particularly impressive experience when I bought some cards from the illustrator and designer, Sandy Nightingale.

In case my slightly-patronising Blue Peter presenter voice turned you off, here are the Cliff Notes of what Sandy did so well:

  • The fifth card: I ordered four but Sandy graciously added a little extra.
  • The letter: Absolute genius. Friendly and warmer than the average compliments slip, it reflected a lady who had taken an interest in her customer and had tailored an experience specifically for me.
  • Got the cards to me very quickly. Nothing worse than waiting ages for something to arrive after you’ve bought it!

All in all, I was left feeling thrilled with the cards and by personal connection fostered by the transanction. This really made me think of the ‘Human Business’ ethos championed regularly by AJ Leon.

So, what does it take to make a satisfied customer?

Going the extra mile. Doing that little bit extra when you didn’t have to.

Sandy Nightingale does it. So can you!

Disclaimer: I’m not sure Sandy will give out free cards and lovely letters to everyone who buys from her… But she might – if you behave.


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3 Responses to A great customer experience from Sandy Nightingale

  1. AJ Leon says:

    Great post and thanks for the shout, bud. 🙂

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