I Blog On A Sunday: Jenny Jameson

I Blog On A Sunday is a space for guest-posters to muse about blogging, Sundays or Christianity. If you would like to contribute, holla at jonny_rose_23@hotmail.com or @98rosjon on Twitter.

Today’s submission is by Caterham hero Jenny Jameson. Jenny is a lady who supports those who have eating disorders and need to change their relationship with food. She describes herself as “a straightforward woman who got to the end of her tether with dieting and beating herself up for not having a “perfect” body and who went looking for a healthy, happy life“. She found it and wants you to as well 🙂

What do you think about Sundays?

“Sunday Sunday here again in tidy attire, you read the colour supplement, the TV guide” “Sunday Sunday”, Blur, 1993

This was life before the Sunday Trading Act of 1994, when large stores were legally allowed to trade. We welcomed it at the time because prior to then, Sundays had been a dull 24 hours which were usually got through with the aid of a gigantic roast dinner and the postprandial “Sunday Sleep”.

Now in the 21st century we can buy what we want when we want. Shopping at 4am isn’t beyond the realms of possibility, although admittedly that’s mainly online. Sundays are a busy trading day, go to any town shopping centre and you’ll find the crowds whipping out their cash and credit cards (yes, even in a recession, if you don’t believe me go look today).

I don’t shop on a Sunday, I blog instead. I don’t avoid the shops for religious reasons, because I don’t follow any religion. It’s simply that I use my Sunday to take stock, review the week gone and look forward to the week coming. I find it very relaxing, and an ideal time to blog. My mind is free to wander (don’t worry, it’s adult enough to be allowed out on its own) and settle on subjects it likes the look of. No pressure, not an iota of stress, just a quite time to unwind and contemplate.

Sundays for me were different a few years ago. I used to diet, and I would spend Sunday deciding what I was going to eat for the coming week. My plans would include what time to get up, what time I would start and finish work, what classes I would be doing at the gym then what time I would go to bed, so I could get up the next day and do it all over again. It was madness! Thankfully those days are long behind me now, as I ditched my diet and created the life I thought I was going to have when I “got thin”. I now eat a pretty balanced diet and am active on the most days, plus my self esteem is higher than it ever was back on Planet Diet.

I love my Sundays now, the day is a calm oasis. I have no desire to go back to the frantic consumerism of diets or shopping, which are in fact remarkably similar, but that’s another blog post altogether.

Enjoy your Sunday, one and all. How about making it a retro style relaxing Sunday, complete with a decadent snooze in the middle of the day? Life’s frantic enough these days.


If you want to learn more about Jenny check out her blog here or you can connect with her on Twitter @jennyfarout. If you know anyone who has issues around eating and body image, Jenny is part of a great online support forum and network and will gladly help!


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