Why I care so much about your breakfast…

Over the past three months I have been tweeting early in the morning tweets that typically look like this:

During these three months, people have come up to me expressing a variety of emotions including (but not limited to) confusion, amusement and annoyance.

  • Conversation starter

My breakfast tweet is a great way to announce to the world that I’m up and wanting to engage on Twitter. I can’t say hi to everyone I want to individually so asking a question is a good way to get to as many people in one go. As questions go, what are you going to eat for breakfast is both innocuous and inclusive. Everyone eats and food is a great open subject that everyone can participate in.

  • Community – where there’s food, there’s people

Ever noticed that when dinner’s on the table, people are attracted to it en masse? The breakfast tweets has seen the emergence of a hyper-local #purleybreakfastclub:

I can’t claim credit for this. It has been an organic development. However, it does feed into my aims of Purley 2.0 to build a more sociable local online community.

  • It’s not what you eat, it’s what you tweet

The real joy of answered breakfast tweets is not just the initial engagement, but the subsequent conversation. Take this for example:

I could just leave it there. Or, I could get answers to the questions this tweet throws up….WHERE is the hotel? WHY are you in a hotel? Did your house burn down?

All of this leads to – in my experience – a more rewarding and sociable interaction.

  • I actually want to know what you’re eating

It bothers me that you might not be getting your RDA of fibre.

  • Permission remark-eting

When I tweet my breakfast tweet I don’t force anybody to answer. It can be easily ignored in the stream of updates and I’m perfectly happy with that. The great thing about an answered breakfast tweet is that people who’ve answered want to answer and I find in life that the best conversations ensue if people want to talk to you.

Hopefully, this has explained why I will continue to enquire into your breakfast routine on a daily basis. Now to get that sponsorship from Kellogs…


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6 Responses to Why I care so much about your breakfast…

  1. jennyfarout says:

    ah … so your evail plan is revealled ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    There’s an easy way to tell if you’re getting enough fibre or not. If there is reading material beside your loo, you’re not getting enough fibre. I think everyone will know what I mean without me having to be too graphic!

  2. Martin Saunders says:

    I had assumed you were doing market research. This makes more sense.

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  4. Looking forward to LIVE breakfast 30th April- Tweet, Meet, Eat!

    Great talk tonight Jonny,


  5. susie says:

    thanks jonny for bringing PCB into our lives!
    But i think we should get sponsorship from a better brand that Kelloggs..leave it with me!

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