How small businesses should do Twitter…(Purley 2.0)

This is a screen shot I took of Tacolisa Mexican restaurant’s twitterfeed on December 8th. They had only been on Twitter for seven days and already provided an excellent example of how to use Twitter as a small, local business:

This is what Tacolisa are doing right:

1) TACOLISA LOVE THEIR PRODUCT – When it comes to marketing and advertising, people will see through the fake and the disingenuous. Genuine enthusiasm goes a long way in convincing others that they need your product in their life.

2) TACOLISA ARE USING SOCIAL MEDIA – Twitter is an invaluable resource for small business to raise brand awareness, reach out, do pr, advertise, promote, customer care, receive customer feedback etc. It’s free, wide-reaching and effective. Tacolisa are also on Facebook which provides different benefits to SMEs than Twitter. By increasing their online presence on multiple social platforms, they are furthering the chance of being noticed.

3) TACOLISA FOLLOW LOCAL RESIDENTS – There are over 700 million people on Twitter, but only those local to you will be your customers. There are a range of services to help you find Tweeters in your local area, for example – such as the geo-location function on Hootsuite. Or you can just write ‘Croydon’ or ‘Purley’ in the Twitter search box and it will find users with those words in their profile.

4) TACOLISA REACH OUT TO LOCALS AND BUSINESSES – Rather than waiting passively, Tacolisa actively introduce themselves. Whilst it’s not always good to just sell, sell, sell when tweeting others, a cheery introduction + cheeky advertisement can go a long way.

5) TACOLISA LISTEN – Notice how Tacolisa’s respond to @gorminator…he has clearly expressed something of a bad day in a tweet, and Tacolisa notice this and use it as a chance to engage. Tacolisa are not just yelling “Buy our product!” but actually acknowledge the life of the person they are tweeting.

6) TACOLISA USE HASHTAGS – #hashtags are a great way to be noticed. Using a #hashtag means your tweet appears in view of other Twitter users who search for that specific term. Lots of Croydon tweeters look at the #croydon hashtag to follow local developments.

7) TACOLISA THANK THEIR CUSTOMERS – Social media is just an extension of social interactions off-line. Manners matter and are appreciated. Everyone loves to be positively acknowledged. Share the love! 🙂

Impressively, the guys at Tacolisa do all this from a desktop computer which means they are updating whilst working. Once they start using Twitter on mobile phones, they’ll be able to engage and enjoy the benefits of Twitter even more. Be inspired by their example – Twitter is easy to use if you are genuine, sociable and active.


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5 Responses to How small businesses should do Twitter…(Purley 2.0)

  1. Wendy Ager says:

    Hi Jonny,

    Yes, this is a good example of Twitter well-used for small business.

    Point 3 works for you if your customers are local. If you product or service is more far-reaching, for instance internet shops or those offering telephone support, you can still reach your customers easily too.


    • jonathanrose says:

      Good points Wendy!

      Definitely one of the benefits of a service such as yours is that you are readily available on Skype which means you are not limited to locality and your clients don’t have to travel to enjoy your coaching service. is definitely a good example of how home-based business can still have great reach outside of their local area 🙂

  2. Thanks for tips/post! These type of posts are so useful for me running a small business that I practically rely on them to basically guide me on what to do in terms of marketing & social media, as I know its meant to be ‘good’ to use it but never knew why, so this actually now made sense of it all rather than just randomly hash-tagging people and places because everyone was!

    Only question I do I add a picture/background to my twitter page??

    Tom @ All That Gleams

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