Your most compelling content is your testimony

Last week, during the Social Media for Social Change conference held at All Souls Langham Place one comment in particular stuck with me:

Churches need to create quality content

To which which my exact immediate thoughts were:

Which seems harsh, but I think was fair comment. People talked about it but I didn’t hear any clear, viable solutions* i.e. This is how to do it…

Having got into a discussion afterwards with Adam “Spectacles” Brown we came to the conclusion that there is nothing more compelling than your personal testimony.

Every Christian has one. Some are sexy and exciting. Others are bog-standard and uneventful. Regardless, all are compelling with a fantastic ending.

The narrative is a powerful medium for change. Narratives are all around us and have been a vector for human culture and communication since the beginning of time. Even in marketing, it’s no longer about selling the product but selling the story of the product. Surely then, the greatest narrative in the world is how people came to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and how it has changed them. From darkness to LIGHT, from condemnation to SALVATION, from death to LIFE, from FML to FTW!!

If churches want to produce inexpensive quality content for their sites. I suggest they do this with members from their own congregation:

*Sure, there are groups out there like ShareCreative and KoreUK who are at the forefront of creating radical and innovative Christian content in Britain  (if you don’t believe me look at the popularity of the @Natwivity), but in the interests of diversity and originality there has to be other ways that churches can create their own unique and compelling web content.


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8 Responses to Your most compelling content is your testimony

  1. Adam Brown says:

    Great comment mate. – Got a great idea! – Fire me a email, lets get it moving.

  2. jon says:

    Yep. I agree. Here’s what our church did (one thing anyway)

  3. drbexl says:

    Hey Jon

    This is precisely what Big Bible is looking to create, a place where people can share stories of how they have shared stories online, so as to inspire others to share stories. So it’s not so much about churches creating quality content (which is definitely of interest, and is working to help create that), but about getting individuals to live the 24/7 Christian life, with those who are online, or can be encouraged online (through e.g. sharing their “testimony” a.k.a. story as they usually would, and then that being captured on film or audio…) sharing more of Christ as they share themselves online… E.g. on my blog I blog about a random variety of things, but a lot of those things happen to be Christian…


  4. Chris says:

    Jonny 🙂

    I agree. Randomly I remember listening to this awhile ago, it’s a guy talking about understanding and communicating the gospel through story telling. It’s an hour long, won’t be offended if you just listen for the first five mins

  5. ian gray says:

    i see you have christian view point. Very admirable. I too am a christian. you may be interested in Radiofreechurch, jacob prasch for some teaching on what is happening in the world today. Not you avaerage church sermon though, theres a bit more meat in this not the milk you normally get!


    • jonathanrose says:


      Thank you for taking the time to comment. And THANK YOU especially for the Radio Free church link. I’ve just had a look and it is exactly the Bible-based, doctrinally-sound stuff I love that feeds and empowers me for Christian service.

      Appreciate the connection greatly, and I look forward to meeting you some time in the near future brother! 🙂

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