Why secularists love the iPhone…

TM in happier times before virulent secularism encroached upon his semantic fun-times...

Following on from my last post, which weighed the pros and cons of Apple’s incursion into Christendom, I have stumpled upon further evidence that Apple is trying to usurp Christianity.

During a light-hearted  round of iPhone’s Words with Friends, my favourite Salvation Army soup-van commandeering Scot – Thomas “Post Rock” Mathie – encountered an unwelcome spot of in-game religious censure:

Having drawn upon every ounce of indignation within my bile duct and already mentally outlined an irate missive to the popular Christian publication  The Reformed Hyper-Calvinist Emergent Tandoori Daily, a subsequent tweet came moments later sheeplishly declaring:

I’ll get you one day Jobs…

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