140 exegesis – Answer 3

#140exegesis is a little game that I started to help me crowd-source answers to difficult parts of the Bible.

The way it works is that I tweet out a Biblical question and everyone else has to answer it in 140 characters with no reference to books or material outside of The Bible. It’s mad cool fun*. Seriously.

Here was my third question:

A sparser amount of responses than previous occasions (SHAME ON YOU ALL WHO DID NOT SUBMIT AN ANSWER 😉 ), nonetheless there were some stellar interpretations…

Thanks a lot as always to everyone who took the time to participate 🙂

#140exegesis question no.4 will be out next week so keep watching the hashtag folks!

*N.B. Your definition of ‘fun’ and my definition of ‘fun’ are probably not the same.


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2 Responses to 140 exegesis – Answer 3

  1. Tom Richards says:

    I thought you’d opened this up to blog-replying Luddites?

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