Unexpected lessons from #Likeminds 2010

As advertised on TV by @iboy:


On Wednesday 27th I decamped from the glamorous wilds of Croydon to attend the

Lesson 8 @wisdomlondon keeps it realer than most...

LikeMinds conference in Exeter.

Over two days, I made connections and enjoyed morsels of wisdom from some of the most innovative and established speakers in the new media sector. Some chancer called @JamesPoulter also said some stuff.

However, sometimes the most affecting lessons are those you didn’t expect to learn. Here are a selection of the best, which – in the spirit of the event – have been curated by the simple criteria of what made me laugh when re-reading 🙂

The first lesson was more a pitch to any app developers in the industry:

FAO prospective devs: I'm prepared to relinquish 50% of intellectual property rights in exchange for a PS3

The next barrage of tweets weren’t so much lessons as a revelation of personal dependency issues in my immediate domestic sphere…

Will almost certainly be used in future SM case-studies. Filed under "Discretion FAIL":

A late night gathering at the Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre soon soured when I was assailed by a boorish Scot with a penchant for terrible hats and shocking banter:

Although the #likeminds community is amazing. It was still good to mix with friends outside of the ‘new media bubble’.

Although I was mingling amongst career professionals, I was impressed to see that most of them weren’t averse to “keeping it real”:

Fistbumps weren’t the only types of physical contact that I inflicted on delegates:

Being at #likeminds taught me lots of new transferable skills such as time-keeping…

And prioritising…

However, the lesson that will stay with me the most is:

(13) Bravery is wearing this suit.


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7 Responses to Unexpected lessons from #Likeminds 2010

  1. Johnny Laird says:

    …feels like I was there! 😉

    • jonathanrose says:

      Glad to hear it JL!

      I have no doubt that meanwhile you were causing havoc and building something great somewhere on the interweb at the time.

      Let’s hope we can have a @jamespoulter, @johnnylaird, @drbexl reunion sometime soon!! x

      PS Hope you’ve got to grips with Prezi now. I can only dream of being important enough to make presentations to other people 🙂

  2. If I was hiring I would be looking closely at this fellow. There is a relaxed style and original insights combo that could contribute in so many areas. One to watch.

    • jonathanrose says:

      Thank you GDE – words from an established creative such as yourself mean a lot – a WHOLE lot.

      As I start my journey into this new media industry, it’s incredibly heartening to hear people such as yourself speak highly of me and be so encouraging.

      Thanks again – and looking forward to connecting somewhere, very soon 🙂

  3. Josh Feldberg says:

    You crack me up! keep it up!

  4. Love it. You rock 🙂

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