#CNMAC10 – The Christian New Media Awards and Conference overview

On the morning of Saturday 16th October, 250 Christians descended piously on City University in London to attend CNMAC 2010.

The aim of the day was to educate and empower Christians who want to be missional in an increasingly digitized age. To see such a wide cross-section of people who loved Jesus dearly and wanted other people to know how amazing a relationship with Him was hugely exciting and heartening. The Gospel ftw.

The seminars on offer ranged from elementary (“Introduction to the Digital Environment”, “How to get podcasting”) to the more complex (“Getting people to your website – the secrets of SEO optimization”). There were  also theological papers given by PhD students and research fellows for those who wished to understand digital mission from a more academic standpoint (these seminars  had pretentious Latin names giving rise to my favourite quote of the day from @hels_bels_1 “Homo Connectivus 2 – that sounds gay”)

J-Po and J'Ro. confused.com/standardting

The biggest joy was meeting in person people I had developed rewarding online relationships with; Johnny Laird was every bit as personable as his blog suggests, Bex L was waaaaaay cooler in person than I thought she’d be and James Poulter definitely does look like Ed Miliband (hold tight @pmphillips).

Finding people in the milieu was difficult at first:

But then we started coming up with ingenious (and totally non-disruptive) ways to recognise one another:

My proudest moment of the morning was birthing a new tweeter @aarespeaks (Everyone follow him RIGHT NOW and shower him with tweets. Safe.) within minutes of meeting him, which showed that my social media evangelistic skills were on point, even if I wasn’t as sharp in the Gospel evangelism departmentMost of us took the lectures seriously:

And many benefited from the fine teaching from the digital practitioners involved:

But as you would expect, it was the person-to-person connections that made it especially worthwhile 🙂

The three Amigos!

@aarespeaks enthralled with Twitter whilst @johnnylaird and @tendai81 compare iPhone...


LifeChurch.tv pastors - LEGENDS.


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2 Responses to #CNMAC10 – The Christian New Media Awards and Conference overview

  1. Johnny Laird says:

    Is that @IanAspin I see skulking in the shadows? 😉

  2. drbexl says:

    Thanks: “Bex L was waaaaaay cooler in person than I thought she’d be.” Looking forward to seeing your pingback on: http://bigbible.org.uk/2010/10/cnmac10-16th-october-2010/ 😉

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