#140exegesis – Answers 2

Last month, I started a fun* little game to help me understand difficult parts of the Bible called #140exegesis.

Here was my second question:

Here are a selection of replies:

This round was definitely more helpful than the last one as a majority of the answers overlapped for a good degree of cohesion.

In layman’s terms Mark 7:28 shows that Jesus’ mission was primarily to bring salvation and reform to the Jew’s (God’s chosen people) before extending His saving grace to the Gentiles. The Syro-Phoenician woman’s answer showed an attitude of humility and faith that we too as Christian should emulate.

There is of course much more that one could take from the verse but just having this framework was enlightening enough for me at the moment!

Thanks again everyone for chipping in, and I’ll see you again tomorrow (Thurs 21st October) for another #140exegesis! Keep watching the hashtag 🙂

*N.B. Your definition of ‘fun’ and my definition of ‘fun’ are probably not the same.


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  1. Steve! says:

    Loving this 🙂

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