This is probably the greatest Christian film since The Passion of The Christ

If I wasn’t able to ensnare you for the video (or even if I was and as the result of Stockholm Syndrome you want to come back for more…), let me know in the comments below:

What have you learnt from #cnmac10 this weekend?

What was your favourite experience or connection made during the day?

Hopefully, your responses will be really encouraging for those who put on the event and will inspire others to come next year 🙂


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12 Responses to #CNMAC10 OFFICIAL VIDEO

  1. Johnny Laird says:

    I think I recognise that first dude! 😉

  2. Adam Brown says:

    I learnt that the social web doesn’t have to be serious, it can be fun, just playing with it, trying new things and telling people about it is how it works.

    My favorite experience of the say was @98rosjon shouting “ADAM BROWN” randomly just as he saw me for the first time. It was great to finally meet so many people that I had been talking too for months on end! 😀

  3. SueJ says:

    Excellant day, left so informed very passionate about checking in with the Old Vic to see how we can take the media within our church forward, thanks for a fantastic day.

    In his Service

  4. James Brooks says:

    Thanks for the vid bro!

    I’m sure you made lots of new connections throughout the day – might we see a post detailing who you think we should be following in twitter and why?

    • jonathanrose says:

      Oooh very good point. I will do!

      PS Looking a the video quality of the videos, I just used my digicam – do you think it’s good enough for Purley 2.0 interviews since its taking aaages to get our hands on a good quality camcorder?

      Get back to me. If you say, ‘Yeah’ – we can hit Purley this Sunday afternoon or even Wednesday evening!

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  6. Johnny Laird says:

    Hey JR – did you see what Duncan Parker’s (one of the guys in this vid) is up to now?



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