Save Blue Like Jazz: Mission Accomplished!

Well folks, only 10 days into Zach and John’s attempts to crowdsource $125,000 to save Don Miller’s magnum opus about disenchantment with institutionalized Christianity  they have reached their target!! (in case it seems like I have been a little tardy in reporting on this week-old story – I haven’t, I just wanted to see where the campaign would go next).

Here is the victory video:

Following this milestone, the duo are now pushing for more donations so as to make crowd-sourcing history. On the website they say:

Let’s Make History.
The biggest project on Kickstarter maxed out at $200,000 donated. Truth is, we want to blow that number out of the water and make history. We want to be the biggest crowd sourced creative project in American history. We want Blue Like Jazz to go down in history as having the largest amount of financial backers. But we need your help to get us there.

Although the campaign was initially met with a considerable amount of hype and support, there has been mounting discontentment from some quarters who have argued that the money could have been spent on something more ‘worthwhile’. To see the best article I have read on the matter, please go here. I’m just happy that they are not using the excess dough to make Blue Like Jazz 3D. Just sayin’.

Apart from some misgivings about how this money could have been otherwise used, I am really glad that Blue Like Jazz will be making it into cinemas soon. As I have said before, I haven’t read the book, but I am generally a big fan of anything that raises the profile of Christianity in a manner that causes people to engage with it – whether respectfully or otherwise – rather than ignore it.

Below is the ‘Thank You’/Let’s Make history video featuring decapitated heads, Don Miller showing love and Zach and John looking like awkward GAP models. Enjoy! 🙂


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