#140 Exegesis – Question 2

Below is question two of my Twitter game – #140exegesis. The rules are here.

I’m also prepared to open this up to any readers who are not on Twitter (shame on you Luddite!), so if you have an answer but don’t use Twitter, please put it in the comment box below 🙂


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3 Responses to #140 Exegesis – Question 2

  1. Luke says:

    J-Ro, I wrote an exegesis of Matt 7:1-6 that deals with Matthew’s attempt to shift the Father’s love paradigm held by Jews in C1st Israel which bears some relation to Matthew’s account of that story. Basically Matthew is trying to change the Jewish perspective on how God sees us, he is pushing towards a message of ‘Sons not Dogs’.

  2. “Are we not worth more than dogs?”

    Looking to appeal to the person’s compassion.


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