#140exegesis Answers 1

Last month, I started a fun little game to help me understand difficult parts of the Bible called #140exegesis.

Here was my first question:

And here are some of the answers:

I don’t know what to take from this opening round, except that each of us seems to interpret and understand Scripture in differing ways.

I don’t know whether to be worried about this or not.

Regardless, this was not a competition to see who has the best grasp of New Testament Greek but an opportunity for me to learn from others. In that sense, this was a rousing success – thanks everyone! 🙂

Consequently, I will tweet a #140 exegesis question fortnightly on the first and third Thursday of each month, so keep watching the #140exegesis hashtag and keep flexing those hermeneutic guns!


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2 Responses to #140exegesis Answers 1

  1. Sir Robert Crowley KBE says:

    Clearly, he was talking about the prospect of Liverpool Football Club going bust as “good news”
    because that’s exactly what it is…..

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