I Blog On A Sunday: James Brooks

I Blog On A Sunday is a a space for guest-posters to muse about blogging, Sundays or Christianity. If you would like to contribute, holla at jonny_rose_23@hotmail.com or @98rosjon on Twitter.

Today’s submission is from local graffiti artist, creator of Four Eyed Kid clothing brand and international curator of the Artists For Christ team – James Brooks

Blogging with intent!

Why I am GOING to blog on a Sunday!

I ❤ Blogging.

Whoever invented it was a genius.

What a beautiful opportunity to spread ideas.

What a beautiful opportunity to get to know new people.

What a beautiful opportunity to give.

What a beautiful opportunity to learn.

What a beautiful opportunity to be involved in a community.

I have found the fruit in it, and now it’s time to give something back. I am GOING to blog on a Sunday.

You see, I have been “into” blogging for years, I subscribe to many blogs in my Google Reader, I speak to bloggers on Twitter all the time, hell I even have about 8 blogs myself! But, I was reading the blog of someone I really admire the other day, John Saddington, and something extremely scary dawned on me: If I were to meet someone in the street today, and I wanted to give them a business card directing them to my online presence, I would have NOTHING of value to show for myself.

I felt disappointed because, not only had I let myself down by letting my blogs fall into disrepair, but I had let the blogging community that I immerse myself in down because I was taking the awesome content and giving nothing back, I hadn’t blogged for months!

So now, I am GOING to blog on a Sunday, in fact I am going to blog everyday! But how will I achieve this alongside everything else that life throws at me?

I think that this can vary from person to person but here are four things that I am going to do to help me on this journey:

1. Read The Bible daily

Some may think this is obvious, others may think this strange, but at the end of the day the motivation behind pretty much everything I do is my faith, and keeping spiritually healthy can never be a bad thing. I also do find that as I read the stories of The Bible, it sparks thoughts and inspiration in my head.

2. Carry a notebook/smartphone everywhere!

I find that inspiration can hit at the most interesting times! I am the kind of person that, if I don’t write it down, I will end up forgetting. If I get an idea now , I can just jot it down for later.

3. Have a plan

Even if its only a short one for the next day, just know what you want to achieve before you sit down at the computer so that you can get focused and down to it right away!

4. Don’t waste time!

One thing I have realised is that every second counts. Some of my blogging heroes have full time work and a family to look after yet still put out several quality material daily. My internet tomfoolery will have to stop if I am going to get involved in blogging in the way that I want to.

So if you are not a regular blogger, or you have let your blog get into disrepair, I urge you, join me, blog on a Sunday, and blog every day. If we haven’t met I would love to meet you, please introduce yourself, I am @james_brooks on Twitter


If you want to check out some of James’ new projects which are causing considerable buzz in the blogosphere please visit Social:Christ, Visual:Christ and Inspire:Christ.


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4 Responses to I Blog On A Sunday: James Brooks

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  2. human3rror says:

    hah! don’t be scared. be inspired!

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