Does the Popemobile have wi-fi?

Whatever your thoughts about Pope Benedict’s visit to the UK this week, you have to admire His Holiness’ online presence.

Not only has the 265th Pope got a Twitter account, but he has also started a travel-blog and has a 24/7 live webcast which is filming his every move for the next few days. It seems now that Big Brother has come to an end, the replacement show is going to be Holy Father.

Furthermore, in a scandalous rejection of official Tridentine social media protocol, Pope Benedict’s edicts – I mean, tweets – are not broadcast in Latin meaning none of us miss insightful gems such as these:

Or his intermittent bouts of narcissism:

And whilst critics may castigate the Vatican for some of its more conservative policies, it’s great to see Ratzinger share the Papal love (without a prophylactic in sight) through a series of strategically deployed emoticons:

And to answer my initial question, “Does the Popemobile have wi-fi?”, the answer is:

Yes – his internet service provider is Virgin [Mary] Broadband



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2 Responses to Does the Popemobile have wi-fi?

  1. Joee says:

    Can I do my confessions over Skype now, too?

    “hi pope sry looked @ woman lustfully kthxbye”

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