Like any good Christian, I like to dabble in the Bible now and again. However, during my scriptural peregrinations, I occasionally chance upon a difficulty that requires clarification from theological minds that are greater than my own.

Naturally, I could wait until Sunday and bring it to the cerebral heavyweights at Grace Vineyard, Purley or I could even by-pass the middle-man and bring it straight to God (James 1:5) and let the Holy Spirit correct me. However, neither of these are as fun as using Twitter.

Enter #140exegesis!


The rules of #140exegesis are simple: I tweet other people my Biblical question and they have to answer it in one tweet (no more the 140 characters) and no supplementary tweets to clarify or make corrections to the first one. The response tweet can have Bible references in it but NO references or links to external sources (e.g. books/blogs/ websites/audio on the topic).

Please put the #140exegesis hashtag in your reply so that questions and answers can be followed.

The keys to understanding a Biblical passage

If you have any Biblical questions that you want me to tweet out to the relevant authorities let me know 🙂

Defo looking forward to seeing some poor chap having to explain the nuances of Calvinism vs Arminianism in 140 characters!


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11 Responses to #140exegesis

  1. Dion Forster says:

    Ah wonderful! What a challenge! Go for it…

    As for the differences between Calvinism and Arminianism… You don’t even need 140 chars… Just this – ‘g.r.a.c.e’


  2. arthur says:

    Great idea and I am in. When you tweet a question, should others reply with their response or create their own new tweet? Understand that either way the #140exegesis is used

    • jonathanrose says:

      Arthur, thanks a lot – love your initial enthusiasm (you’ll regret it later) 😉

      For the moment, I’d like it if people reply *just* to me/my tweet *FIRST* rather than generating their own one. Otherwise it could get messy and I’m not sure how busy #140exegesis will become. I may well change the rules seeing how things go 🙂

      I’m looking forward to seeing how this first round of questioning goes tho and seeing where it goes – I haven’t really thought everything through yet! 🙂

      • jonathanrose says:

        Actually, SCRATCH THAT Arthur…


        Either reply directly to me, or if you want more spaces to tweet, then just write your answer and then put #140exegesis at the end!

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