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I Blog On A Sunday is a a space for guest-posters to muse about blogging, Sundays or Christianity. If you would like to contribute, holla at or @98rosjon on Twitter.

Today’s submission is from “Connector, communicator, change agent & activist… friend of the geek & radical”Johnny Laird:

What do you do on a Sunday?

My Sunday is – and has been for almost all of my life – geared towards me getting to and from The Salvation Army church building to meet with my tribe, worship God together, and do the stuff that makes a community of faith tick.

I know for many people, Sunday mornings are a lazy, slow to get going kind of day, but that’s a rare experience for me.

Regular Sunday mornings are characterised by manic rush….breakfast…getting kids moving…getting myself moving…..making sure no-one is left behind….not a little stress…and the journey, when everyone driving in front of me has slowed to snails place with seemingly nowhere to go.

Those early hours are about grappling with the blue serge Salvation Army uniform, with which I enjoy a love-hate relationship (check out more thoughts here), donning crisply ironed white shirt, and slipping shoes, not quite as shiny as they used to be…toe-capped OxfordsLoakes..are de riguer

Yet, when all of this is done and out of the way, I almost always feel better for having been with my Church family. I love to share some time with likeminded people. I feel the benefit of good preaching that shows me how to apply the teaching of Jesus to my life today in the 21st Century.  There are special moments, when God seems so very close…or when a person arrives from the street – well aware of our Movement’s reputation for helping the poor – to get some help, and you can do a little thing, not much more than a gesture to try and lend a hand a little; to try and show a little love and basic humanity.

We still take Church to the street. A Salvation Army band is for many the bringer of memories; the quaint remembrance of times past. Yet, we still go to our busy shopping centre…to play some tunes, remind people we are there for them, and try to have the onlookers understand that we are – in fact – part of the Christian Church. Not simply a social services agency with a brass band in tow.

Then home.

I thank God my wife is a great cook with a West Indian heritage. Wonderful spicy chicken aromas greet us as we arrive at our house, Annabel.

Annabel is the name of the house, not the wife.

After the chicken and other sundry delights are consumed there might be some rest…the occasional Sunday afternoon sleep…bliss…

That’s one example of a Sunday. Here’s another.

Is half a day of Sabbath – real rest – enough?


Johnny Laird’s blog is becoming a dedicated hub of curation for ethnic minority bloggers in the UK. If you interested in issues of diversity and blogging, or have any ideas that could contribute to Johnny’s work –  please get in contact with him.


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11 Responses to Johnny Laird: I Blog On A Sunday

  1. Johnny Laird says:

    …appreciate the chance to share a few thoughts, Jonny!


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  3. jonathanrose says:

    I appreciate the insight into being in the SA!

    If the whole getting-a-job-after-English-degree doesn’t work out – I look forward to receiving some SA soup with the other homeless some time soon 😉

  4. Nice Post!

    I love the Army. Although in my neck of the woods the serge has become a rare sight. Fortunately though the justice mandate has not faded. And a good meal always make a great day.

    • jonathanrose says:


      Thanks for coming by and blessing my blog. Knowing Johnny has been an eye-opener for me in appreciating Salvation Army culture and the people behind the uniform.

      In Britain, my own impression was – due to their exceptional social action work – that they were more a charity than a church.

      I was wondering, how active are the SA in Canada? Do you still have a good rep with the public?

  5. Peter says:


    1. Canada is not that dissimilar to britain on this one… We are known for our social work but not for being the church.  A sad disconnect and one that at least in my city we are working to change.  An additional problem we face is that we have very active thrift shops running as part of our work and so when you say ‘salvation army’ people think the store.  So generally the social services has a good rep – number one social services provider in the country currently… But without discipleship all the rep and money… Well you get the idea.

    2. As for the Sunday question I missed earlier… Well I generally work all day Sunday because of the nature of church community, often after the morning worship/teaching time we’ll have meetings, etc, posting our sermons to the website…  And so my wife and I stick pretty firmly to setting aside Monday as sabath.  The phone is off, we rarely meet with people from our church community… Pretty much a date day every week…

    Thanks for the comments back, looking forward to connecting and learning with you in the future.  Peace- 

  6. Jonathan – thanks for hosting Johnny up here.

    Johnny – I went to a school run by the church. All through my schooling days, I got the opportunity and privilege of being a part of the diocese.

    Saturdays used to be service days, spending some wonderful hours in the school garden – or classrooms – or playgrounds, getting each place ready for the next week.

    Sundays used to be real rest – and sports. Part worship, part fun, part sleep. I can reflect back on those days as if they have gone by.

    These days, it’s different. Sundays are the only days when I can stay longer in bed. Lazy mornings, multiple piping hot cups of delicate tea, and catching up on my own spiritual and emotional sides is what takes the day away.

    • jonathanrose says:


      Many thanks for stopping by the blog. It’s great to see Johnny’s community come and show their support!

      THANK YOU also for the brief insight into your Sundays too. I like the sound of that “delicate tea”. I am a ‘green tea’ fanatic myself!

      *As an emerging Social Media enthusiast, would you like to write a guest post in the future about your thoughts on ‘blogging’ – do you see it as ‘work’ or ‘play’? Or maybe you would like to write 400 words exploring your faith or a typical Sunday…*

      Let me know Kapil – I’d appreciate your insight and experiences! 🙂

  7. Johnny Laird says:

    Good to see that the post has generated a bit of dialog.

    Kapil & Peter are good guys both, and each have blogs of their own worth checking it if you haven’t already.

    In fact Peter has just started up again at His Sally Army Church site at is also one of the best ones out there.

    The Salvation Army in Canada is doing some great stuff, as I alluded in to this old post , and one of the voices I always thing about when I think about the SA in Canada is Pernell Goodyear , whou founded the Freeway Community several years back. He’s on the move now, and I think the Freeway site has already lost a little of it’s “Pernellness”.

    Check out Pernell’s contribution to the Something Beautiful Podcast for his story:

    There’s a ton of stuff The Salvation Army on my blog. Like I say on my Tribes page “Some are explanatory. Some are celebratory, and some are slightly critical. I guess you could call it an insider’s view…”

    Check it! 😉

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