Hare Krishna vs. Jesus – The battle for my soul

Last week,  whilst on Tottenham Court Road, I chanced upon a sight that caused my stoic Christian faith to waver…

It fast became apparent that the Hare Krishna cult is the natural habitat of the ‘spiritual’ bald man who enjoys dancing publicly whilst wearing little clothing. Basically everything I am.

However, after a period of soul-searching – lasting nearly a whole second – I decided to resist the dark side.

Orange is so not my colour 😉


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8 Responses to Hare Krishna vs. Jesus – The battle for my soul

  1. Joee says:

    There’s no reason we can’t start an upbeat public dance for Christianity.

  2. David Singeisen says:

    flash mob group worship?

  3. jonathanrose says:

    I think it’s fair to say Team Brrrap has a lot that we can teach the Hare Krishna’s about flash-raving (oh, and Jesus too!)

  4. Sierol says:

    Remember that King David in the Bible danced before the Lord. It’s the right thing to. We should worship only the living God of course, as worshipping anything else, eg. Krishna, is idolatry. There is something called Davidic Dance which is dance from Israel worshipping the God of Israel (the God of the Bible, the only real God). Praise the Lord. hallelujah!

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