Aaron+Gould – A ‘model’ workplace?

A fortnight ago, I said some very nice things about Scott Gould.

In truth, I meant none of them and it was mainly said through a mixture of fear and self-preservation.

Now that I am back in London and have safely escaped Scott’s Stalinist regime at Aaron+Gould, I feel able to open up and discuss the catalogue of abuses and Human Rights violations that occurred daily at Exeter’s top social media consultancy:

Warning: Viewers may find some scenes distressing.


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13 Responses to Aaron+Gould – A ‘model’ workplace?

  1. Coppy says:

    Is it wrong that i found that intensely sexual?

  2. Riccoboni says:

    Made me chuckle. Very good!

  3. Scott Gould says:

    Legendary, Mr Rose!

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  5. Anya Coram says:


  6. James Poulter says:

    This is disturbing…

  7. Dale P from down the road says:

    love it! esp the interview – that’s my road!!!!

    the world needs more spoof docus that’s all i can say…

    • jonathanrose says:

      Glad you liked it Dale – I’m also happy to have immortalized our fine street in this vid…be proud.

      I fully agree we need more mockumentaries, I’m already considering making this a longer feature….

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