Purley 2.0 – Croydon’s new Social Media hub?

This is Purley. I live here.

Purley is an affluent suburb of Croydon which has a population of around 72,000 people. Of this population, only about 10 people use Twitter. That is an optimistic estimate – I’ve only actually touched base with four other people who live in CR8.

With the help of local friend, artist and collaborator @james_brooks, we are hoping to make Purley a more ‘social’ town by encouraging residents and business owners to use Twitter:

The intention of this is:

  • To enable local businesses to use social media to promote their brand
  • To encourage Purley residents to make connections with other like-minded people both locally and further afield
  • To provide a forum for entrepreneurs and Social Media enthusiasts to meet and collaborate
  • To promote the town of Purley
  • To create an online Purley community that will benefit the off-line Purley community

If this interests you or you have any advice on how we could make this happen, please get in contact with me at @98rosjon on Twitter, by e-mail at jonny_rose_23@hotmail.com or leave a comment below.

Any help would be appreciated.


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14 Responses to Purley 2.0 – Croydon’s new Social Media hub?

  1. Stephen Hendry says:

    In my head I see it working as follows. To get people involved they need to know about you. I think the best way to do this would be as follows:

    • Create a website that pulls in various feeds of known people in Purley. Blogs, Twitter Flickr etc. Get the online community who we know about together and communicating. This will give something to new people to come to and engage.
    • Go to local business in person and ask them to display a small sign sticker in there window advertising Social Purley / Purley Online etc. In return for this you will add there business to the website with store opening hours what they do etc. If they have a leaflet like a take away menu you will scan and hold it on your site. This will now advertise the site and will hopefully provide traffic to the site. Also if people search for local business in Purley they should find the site.

    By doing it for free you should help remove the barriers to entry. To pay for it you will just need some sponsorship. I imagine I can provide some free web space in return for our company logo on the site. The only other costs would be domain name and printing the signs/stickers.

    Just an idea.

  2. Scott Gould says:

    Engage the people.

    Hold a frequent meetup in a decidedly NON GEEK environment

    Speak to the City Manger, get them on board.

    Run an event to help local businesses use Social Media – make it cheap.

    Adapt from there on!

  3. Hi

    As secretary for Purley Business Association I am tasked with improving the communications between businesses in Purley. This includes a new website for Purley promoting the town with a upcoming events page, news feeds, blogs and links to other sites. Things are at a very early stage, but it’s a beginning.

    I can certainly assist with anything that invoves liason with local businesses and is congruent to our objectives of promoting Purley as a place to live and do business.

    We are organising a Music and Food festival for September and it would be great to get more of the residents and businesses involved and using social media to raise awareness of the event both for the wider population and to better reach their own customers (I suspect the majority of businesses have no idea what Twitter is for example)

    With my business owner hat on, I can also provided sponsored web hosting if required.

    I look forward to us working together to bring Purley2.0 into fruition!


    Neil Spellings
    Secretary, Purley Business Association

  4. Charis M-G says:

    Some good responses to ur blog post!

    I agree that it would be good to feed Twitter, blogs etc onto a website so that a variety of social media can be used which will open it more to people who don’t naturally get twitter.

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  6. Amy Lawrence says:

    Hi Johnathan!

    You should try contacting Jane and Trevor at the Purley Pages Magazine – they should be in touch with Purley/Businesses/Events etc?!

    Amy xx

    • jonathanrose says:

      Amy – thanks for the suggestion!

      I shall certainly speak to them in the near future and see how they can help. I can really see Purley Pages and Purley 2.0 informing one another.

      Top stuff Amy- this why it’s great to have other people chip-in and help get this all started 🙂

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  8. Adam Brown says:

    Hey there fella!

    You might want to take a look at Buddy Press, http://buddypress.org/ a WordPress Social plugin, I’ve been playing with it with @drbexl and I’m liking it so far. Buddy Press can use Facebook Connect and the @anywhere Twitter API, for a login system, instantly creating a user profile.

    I’ll put together a simple demo and fire you a link.

    • I’ve also recently used BuddyPress for a site I created for a user group.

      See http://www.citrixug.org.uk

      Am pretty pleased with it so far, although not many WordPress themes currently support it.

      • jonathanrose says:

        Neil and Adam,

        I’d heard about Buddypress but have yet to explore its possibilities. Being a wordpress man through-and-through I *do* like the idea of a more advanced social platform integrated into WP. Keep me posted on it user-friendliness please gentlemen – with Purley 2.0 I would like a platform which is easy-to-use and intuitive for even the least tech-savvy (big ask, I know! 🙂

        In the meantime,

        @Adam – I’d appreciate the demo link as soon as its ready please.

        @Neil – I think a meet-up in the very near future would be really helpful for me if you’re not too busy. I’d appreciate talking things through with you – both technological and social! and getting some guidance in Purley matters.

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  11. Jonny, thanks for the @message on Twitter, mentioning this project. I have learned a great deal about building communities through social media over the past two years — both by trial and error, and by connecting with others who have already learned through trial and error on their own.

    One person I would suggest following is http://Twitter.com/BeckyMcCray. Becky has done a lot of work building business communities in small town America. You will find links to her many blogs by going through her Twitter account.

    Also, I have had quite a bit of success with a couple of projects I’ve been working on. “The Pleasantville Project” has led to http://Facebook.com/WestchesterSocialMedia and http://Facebook.com/PleasantvilleBlog.

    Good luck with the project. Feel free to ask for comments any time. I am “Cornell140” on Twitter.

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